My name is Farah M. Green and I'm a certified nutritionist and a body activist, known to many as The Body Positive Nutritionist. I am on a mission to change people’s minds about health perceptions one woman at a time. I'm also blazing the trail for women to accept themselves as full-figured beings, and empowering them to build more self-love, while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

A few years ago, I fell into a deep depression where I would have mental breakdowns at work and began having suicidal thoughts. I found myself battling between losing weight, adjusting to a demanding job and planning for my dream wedding while living in Seattle, WA. However, I didn’t realize I was suffering from depression until I went home to visit my mother in Bowie, Maryland.

I looked different, almost unrecognizable to my mother. My hair was disheveled, despite my best effort to groom it. My body changed and my face told a story that my mother was not familiar with.

For a whole year, I would wake up at 6AM and hit the gym, overly determined to lose weight, but I couldn't lose one pound. It felt like my body and mind were having a physical fight. I wondered why my body wasn’t changing, I was active, and I knew I had athletic capabilities.

Over time, I stopped being so concerned about my physical appearance and started focusing on internal healing. I began meditating to help lower my stress level. I started listening to more Joel Olsten in the morning to help develop a positive attitude and grow my relationship with God. I would exercise and learn how to eat nutritious foods that would fuel my body so that I can feel good. I soon began to realize my mental and physical health was bigger than just reaching weight loss goals. I was determined to get back to a space where I was happy and healthy both mentally and physically. As a result, I started falling in love with every aspect of her body.

A year later, in 2018, I completed ten 5K/10K races and a half marathon in less than twelve months.

I finally found my outlet and would run at least once a month in a 5K/10K race. With time and consistency, I was able to develop a self-love that pulled me out of depression and began focusing on activities that would help me achieve my wellness goals verses allowing the number on the scale to dictate how I should feel about my body.

I knew I wasn’t the only woman going through these body image challenges of learning how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That's when I decided to create Thick, Bold, and Healthy to teach women how to transform their body through body positivity and nutrition. I've reached more than 3,000 women online helping them change their mindset regarding their health and learn how to incorporate proper nutrition into their daily lives.

Today, I've launched the Fit Girl Core Program and the T.A.S.T.Y Girl Method Program that's designed to help women lose weight and reduce medication intake by learning how to sustainable nutrition and optimal wellness. Both programs are helping women develop a healthier relationship with food, while building more self-love and making themselves a priority. And as a result, they begin to TRULY love the skin they’re in and achieve their OWN BODY GOALS.

Hey girl, hey!