Hey girl, hey!

My name is Farah M. Green and I'm a certified nutritionist and a body activist, known to many as The Body Positive Nutritionist. I am on a mission to change people’s minds about health perceptions one woman at a time. I'm also blazing the trail for women to accept themselves as full-figured beings, and empowering them to build more self-love, while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

A few years ago, I fell into a deep depression where I would have mental breakdowns at work and began having suicidal thoughts. I found myself battling between losing weight, adjusting to a demanding job and planning for my dream wedding while living in Seattle, WA. However, I didn’t realize I was suffering from depression until I went home to visit my mother in Bowie, Maryland.

I looked different, almost unrecognizable to my mother. My hair was disheveled, despite my best effort to groom it. My body changed and my face told a story that my mother was not familiar with.